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Chicago Police Stations Now Double As Migrant Shelters

Graham Perdue
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Along with being tasked with trying to rein in the city’s notoriously high violent crime rate, Chicago police stations currently have another duty. The offices and hallways now serve as shelters for hundreds of illegal migrants.

Police sources told Fox News that the situation has become “dangerous” and “arose from their ridiculous sanctuary city policy.” Officers added that Chicago’s leadership apparently does not have a plan to deal with the influx.

Sources say they sympathize with the migrants, but they added that Chicago officers now face “undue risk.”


Outgoing Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) and incoming Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) cannot be happy with this sight. Then again, Johnson is infamous for his ridiculous stand calling for defunding the police, so it’s possible he sees the crowded stations as a step in the right direction.

One law enforcement source recounted two weeks ago when there was a Venezuelan family sitting next to homeless people with an infant. They reported giving the family $20 dollars and asking their colleagues to do the same.

Many times officers must advise the illegal migrants not to wander off into the dangerous surrounding neighborhoods. The city has already tallied 154 murders in 2023. 

A police officer told of walking by an 11-year-old girl sitting by herself. He said “I try to explain to them not to go outside because my station is in a very bad neighborhood.”


They added that “literally if any of these young girls walk out there, they will be targeted.”

A spokesperson for Chicago told Fox News that the police stations are not officially designated as shelters. They said that the migrants may access an official shelter by dialing 311. At that point they may receive medical, mental, and legal assistance in a designated shelter.

Mayor Lightfoot recently implored Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to end his policy of sending busloads of illegal migrants to sanctuary cities — particularly hers. 

But Title 42 is set to expire May 11, and officials expect a new deluge of tens of thousands of migrants to flood across the nation’s southern border. Southwestern states, and Texas in particular, are in no way required to shoulder this national burden on their own.

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