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CNN Contributor Compares Trump and Supporters To 9/11 Terrorists

Anastasia Boushee
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A CNN contributor compared Trump supporters to terrorists in several tweets, arguing that “MAGA is far more dangerous than AL Qaeda. It should be named a terrorist group.”

In one of the most unhinged set of posts found on Twitter to date, left-wing CNN contributor Dean Obeidallah commemorated the 9/11 terror attacks by comparing former President Donald Trump and his supporters to the terrorists behind the attacks.

Obeidallah, a radio host who claims in his Twitter bio that “Democrats are the REAL Patriots,” sent out several tweets on the 21st anniversary of September 11 — the day in which Islamic terrorists murdered nearly 3,000 Americans — equating Trump and “MAGA” Republicans with al-Qaeda and the terror group’s former leader Osama Bin Laden.


“Terrorists are terrorists – be they Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda or Trump’s MAGA,” he wrote in one post. “Time to hold Trump accountable!!”

In another tweet, Obeidallah condemned the fact that Trump was still allowed to “freely travel” around the United States, saying that it was akin to granting that same right to Bin Laden.

“Take a moment and imagine if after 9/11, Bin Laden were allowed to freely travel America, spewing lies in an effort to radicalize more people to commit violence in his name?!” he wrote. “Well that is EXACTLY what Donald Trump has been doing since Jan 6. Time to Arrest Trump!!”

Of course, Obeidallah knew that conservatives would be angered over his hateful tweets, especially due to the fact that he was using the tragedy of 9/11 to push vicious attacks against his political opposition. The CNN contributor sent another tweet claiming that right-wing media outlets “will attempt to grotesquely twist my tweets invoking 9/11,” but then went on to assert that he would “never stop calling out the threat Trump and MAGA pose to our nation–especially not on the anniversary of 9/11.”

He went on to admit that “there’s no comparison between 9/11 and Jan 6 in terms of loss of life,” but still had the audacity to claim that the Capitol riot “was far more dangerous to our nation in that it was Americans who waged the attack after being radicalized by Donald Trump.”

“And very dangerously, Trump still travels the nation radicalizing people,” Obeidallah added.

Responding to a comment from Carissa Pavlica — the managing editor and critic at entertainment website TV Fanatic, who doesn’t appear to be overtly political — calling him out for making the comparison between 9/11 and January 6, Obeidallah stated that “MAGA is far more dangerous than AL Qaeda. It should be named a terrorist group.”

The CNN contributor also argued that it was “time to bring Trump to justice to protect our nation the same way we brought to justice all involved in 9/11 from Bin Laden on down.”

“MAGA and Al Qaeda both waged deadly attacks against our nation to end our democracy,” he added in another tweet. “The difference is the leader of Al Qaeda has been brought to justice, while the leader of MAGA, Donald Trump, still travels our nation radicalizing people for his next terrorist attack.”

In yet another tweet in his unhinged rant, Obeidallah asserted that “terrorists are terrorists – be they Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda or Trump’s MAGA.” 

“Time to hold Trump accountable!!” he added.

This isn’t the first time that the CNN contributor has made this comparison.

In a tweet sent out in early August following the U.S. military’s assassination of al-Qaeda leader and bin Laden associate Ayman al-Zawahri, Obeidallah said, “At this point I LITERALLY view people who still support Donald Trump no different than the despicable, vile people who supported Bin Laden after 9/11.”

One Twitter user had an epic response to Obeidallah’s tweet asserting that “Terrorists are terrorists – be they Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda or Trump’s MAGA.”

Sharing a video of President Joe Biden’s divisive primetime speech demonizing “MAGA Republicans” — which was edited alongside clips of the left rioting throughout the summer of 2020, beating people and destroying property — he simply wrote: “Be they BLM.”

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