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Contempt Of Congress Hearings Against Wray Advancing On Thursday

Graham Perdue
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The conflict between the House Oversight Committee and FBI Director Christopher Wray is coming to a head this week. Chairman James Comer (R-KY) announced Monday that Contempt of Congress hearings against Wray will commence Thursday.

At issue is the explosive form FD-1023 that allegedly detailed accusations that then-Vice President Joe Biden received a $5 million foreign bribe when he served under former President Barack Obama.

Comer and Ranking Member Rep. Jamie Rasin (D-MD) were allowed to view the document Monday morning, but that did not satisfy the subpoena issued on May 3. The committee insisted that the form be handed over, something the FBI still refuses to do.


A whistleblower to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) exposed the existence of the document allegedly detailing a criminal scheme.

Wray initially resisted showing the form to committee members and even now will not turn it over. This resulted in a back-and-forth between Republicans and the bureau over whether the subpoena had been complied with.

Now Comer pledged to take more concrete steps to ensure compliance by Wray in turning over the unclassified document. He wrote this week that “given the severity and complexity of the allegations contained in this record, Congress must investigate further.”

The chairman said that Americans no longer trust the FBI’s impartiality and called recent events “only the beginning.”

The FBI countered that the action to hold Wray in contempt is unjustified. It defended itself by claiming it has “continually demonstrated its commitment to accommodate the committee’s request, including by producing the document in a reading room at the U.S. Capitol.”


The bureau cited the “physical safety of sources and the integrity of investigations” in resisting full compliance with the subpoena. 

Comer reported that the agency confirmed Monday that the unclassified document is being used in an “ongoing investigation.” Officials said the source is a “trusted, highly credible informant” who has worked with the FBI for more than 10 years and received over six figures in compensation.

The committee chairman called this information “facts” and disregarded any “spin” that may be applied by the White House or congressional Democrats.

Further, Fox News Digital quoted a source as saying the whistleblower has been “consistently reviewed by the FBI” and determined to be “highly credible.”

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