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Hungarian Archbishop Laments Freemasonry, LGBT Ideology, Surging Islam In Europe

Darian Douraghy
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A Hungarian member of the clergy warned Europeans against the increase of LGBT ideology, Islam, and anti-Christian sentiment in the continent,  as well as the influence of Freemasonry over European Union leaders.

As he spoke with the conservative Hungarian newspaper Magyar Jelen last month, Archbishop Emeritus Gyula Márfi of Veszprém cautioned that there is a multi-faceted attack being launched against European Christianity from leftist forces in the E.U. 

“One of the most striking signs of the European Union’s anti-Christianity,” he alleged, “is that its constitution did not commemorate Europe’s Christian roots.” Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI have reportedly stressed the same point. 


“They write about Greco-Roman traditions and enlightenment, but not about Christianity,” Archbishop Márfi stated in reference to the E.U. Constitution. “Yet ancient culture and art have survived precisely because of Christians: the writings of Virgil, Tacitus, Homer, and others have been copied by monks deep in their cells.”

He also pointed to what he described as vicious anti-clericalism experienced by Pope Benedict XVI, who emphasized the significance of Christianity in European civilization. 

Márfi noted that Christmas is being eradicated from the public square little by little, observing the increasing trend of people saying “holidays” instead of “Christmas.” An example of such behavior was seen when the E.U. capital city of Brussels refused to display a Christmas tree in 2012 over concerns of drawing offense from the Muslim population. 

The archbishop put Freemasonry on blast as well, labeling the movement a nemesis of the Catholic Church.

“The aim of the Freemasons is to ‘rid’ Europe of Christianity,” stated Márfi. “To achieve this, they are willing to use all means, taking advantage of their lobbying force to infiltrate the leaders of the Union.” 


French President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, who helped oversee the creation of the E.U. Constitution, was a Freemason, according to LifeSite USA.

Márfi accused Freemasons and Muslims of “coming together to make Christianity disappear from Europe,” adding, “It was practically the same as it was in the age of the Savior, when the Scribes and Pharisees worked with their deadly enemy, Pontius Pilate, to get Jesus out of the way.”

He opined that multicultural societies cause individuals to lose their “sense of identity, culture, faith,” and language, thus empowering profit-driven corporations “who want to turn the whole Earth into a huge collective farm, where there are no ethnic, national and religious identities, only obedient workers and consumers manufactured according to standards.”

The archbishop added that Islam will never accept the liberal principles of Europeans. 

A video recently shared on Twitter allegedly showed a migrant Muslim man in Cordoba, Spain confronting various commuters while yelling, “Spain belongs to Muslims from today.”

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