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John Kirby Blames Afghans For Abandoned US Military Equipment 

Darian Douraghy
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Upon being confronted over what a CNN piece described as Biden’s botched Afghan exit, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby insisted Thursday that the White House was not at fault for the U.S. military equipment that was ditched in Afghanistan, ultimately ending up in the Taliban’s hands.

According to Kirby, the fault lies with the Afghans, as the American equipment was gifted to the army, who decided to not fight for their country and ultimately surrender to the Taliban.

A reporter asked the Pentagon spokesman, “It doesn’t seem to address the $7 billion in military hardware and technology that was left in Afghanistan for the Taliban…does [Biden] take responsibility for leaving all or some of that?”


“You know who is responsible for that equipment? The Afghans,” Kirby promptly replied, before going into a more in-depth explanation as to why the U.S. foreign policy establishment bears no responsibility over the incident.

Kirby fielded other questions as well, including from Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, who asked if anybody would be fired over the incompetence that took place during the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“The purpose of it is not accountability,” Kirby asserted, suggesting it is to instead learn a lesson.

The Pentagon spokesman insisted that the idea of the United States’ withdrawal from the foreign country proved hectic was unfounded. 

“For all this talk of chaos, I just didn’t see it. Not from my perch,” said Kirby, who was press secretary for the Pentagon at the time.

“At one point during the evacuation there was an aircraft taking off full of people, Americans and Afghans alike, every 48 minutes,” stated Kirby. “And not one single mission was missed. So, I’m sorry, I just don’t buy the whole argument of chaos. It was tough in the first few hours, you would expect it to be.”

As The Hill noted, Biden’s pullout from the nation put his administration on blast and is widely considered one of the worst moments of his time in the White House. It was during that withdrawal when a suicide bombing at Kabul airport’s tragically brought the death of 13 U.S. troops and 170 Afghans. 

At the time, people in the nation were seen grabbing American military planes, with many reportedly falling to their deaths following takeoff. 

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