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NY Parents Take Action Against Inappropriate Adult Material

Graham Perdue
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The left will eventually realize that children are off limits, but it will take time. A group of parents in Fairport, New York, are attempting to speed up the process through a claim filed against the local school board’s insurance bond.

The Fairport Educational Alliance grew tired of stonewalling and inaction by local officials when they asked that explicit books and materials be removed from their schools. 

Their concerns mirror those across the nation as parents become aware of the filth that is being made available and at times even pushed on their minor children. The heroic effort by these families is often subject to ridicule and even federal investigations.


For example, WXXI News in Fairport described the upset parents’ organization as a “local right-wing fringe group.” 

This so-called fringe group points to the fact that the Fairport Central School District is in violation of both federal and state laws their complaint covers. And it is hardly just a “right-wing” concern when children are exposed to inappropriate material. 

Parents initially attempted to use standard procedures to have the offensive materials removed from their children’s libraries. Months of petitioning went nowhere, however, as board members resisted the most reasonable of requests.

The insurance bond claim will likely get their attention. There is financial fallout to deal with if the company’s investigation finds that the board’s actions — or inactions — violated their oath of office and put their position at risk.


Individual board members reportedly will be on the hook for the surety if the Fairport district is found in violation of the rules. 

The group cites a very specific provision in the United States Code that prohibits what they believe the library openly displays on its shelves. The filing requested the board remove the materials that they assert “endangered the moral health” of the kids within five business days.

It also asked for $100,000 in damages, though money is hardly the goal. And if the insurance company does not agree with their allegations, the group promised to file criminal complaints with the sheriff’s office and local police.

The District Attorney’s office has also been notified of the parents’ intentions in the case. They are not relenting in their stand for their children, and that is something the left is encountering all across the nation.

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