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NYC Mayor Compels City Employees To Receive CRT Training

Chris Agee
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New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) has implemented a controversial training program for all city employees, requiring them to undergo radical critical race theory (CRT) training. The training materials, according to a copy reviewed by Fox News Digital, instruct employees to view policies as “racist” if they negatively impact “communities of color” more than “white communities.” It also teaches that “America is and was always structurally racist.”

The mandatory training material went out to all New York City employees, with a March 6 deadline for completion. It is described as “providing all NYC employees with a framework to understand the importance of racial equity in the workplace.” 

The training is centered around CRT, a controversial and divisive ideology that holds that America is and was always structurally racist, with the country being designed to systematically oppress minority groups and maintain systems of power for the dominant white culture.

A source familiar with the training expressed concern to reporters, saying, “Where they were discussing equity, how we have to look at people through a particular lens, that contradicted the idea that we should treat everybody equally.” 

The training materials state that race has no genetic or scientific basis and was invented to create a system of “exclusion and oppression.” They define institutional racism as “policies, practices, patterns and structures within public and private institutions that impose oppressive or otherwise negative conditions on identifiable groups on the basis of race or ethnicity.” 

It instructs employees to “embrace the idea that a problem may exist” and “understand the dominant cultural patterns of your workplace and whether they are hurting or helping your diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.” 

In response to the controversy, a spokesperson for the Mayor’s office issued a statement saying that the training has been around for years and is unrelated to CRT. It states, “Employees have been completing this training every two years, and trainings like these ensure that the city workplace remains a welcoming and fair environment for all New Yorkers.”

Critics of the training have expressed concerns that the city is attempting to brainwash employees into viewing America as inherently racist and holding negative views of the country’s institutions. This sort of indoctrination could be an obvious stepping stone to movements to defund the police and hire social workers in their place.