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Parents File $15.4 Million Lawsuit After Daughter Gets Abortion Without Consent

Anastasia Boushee
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A Virginia teenager who was three months pregnant was allegedly coerced into receiving an abortion, despite insisting that she wanted to keep the child, and her parents have now filed a lawsuit.

The parents, who did not provide consent for their 15-year-old daughter to have an abortion, have filed a $15.4 million civil lawsuit against several individuals responsible for coercing their daughter into killing her unborn child.

While noting that they had never given consent for the abortion, the parents revealed that a Dickenson County Department of Social Services employee had convinced their underage daughter to undergo the procedure at Bristol Women’s Health, LLC, according to WCYB News.


Documents filed in civil court cite an employee of the Dickenson County Department of Social Services as being the individual that coerced the teenager into killing her unborn child. The coercion reportedly came after the young girl insisted that she wanted to keep her baby, according to the parents.

The director of Bristol Women’s Health, along with the Dickenson County Department of Social Services worker, were the ones responsible for persuading the teenager into changing her mind about keeping her child after she was taken to the abortion facility on or around January 19.

The parents are requesting compensatory and punitive damages from Bristol Women’s Health and the Dickenson County Department of Social Services. The $15.4 million lawsuit also names the Bristol Women’s Health director, the DSS worker, the DSS director and the physician as the parties responsible for the crime.

The coercion and the fact that the teen girl was given an abortion without her parents’ consent should be enough to charge the responsible individuals with a crime, though it doesn’t appear that any charges — other than the civil lawsuit — have been filed.

Abortion kills more than 2,500 unborn children every day, according to data shared by pro-life activist Lila Rose. Blue states have promoted this abhorrent practice, with some even allowing minors to receive an abortion without parental consent — including California, New York, Oregon and Washington state.


Meanwhile, many states have already banned or severely restricted abortion thanks to the landmark ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization — which overturned Roe v. Wade and returned the issue of abortion back to the states.

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