Firearms News Issues 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Firearms News Issues 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

( – With the holiday season upon us again, are you looking for a gift for the Second Amendment supporter in your life? It can be hard to know what to get a gun enthusiast if you’re not a shooter yourself, but don’t worry – with the help of the Firearms News, we’ve pulled together a few suggestions for you!

Springfield Armory Hellcat Micro-Compact

Concealable carry guns are usually a compromise between size and capacity, but Springfield has rewritten the rules with the Hellcat. Chambered in hard-hitting 9mm NATO (don’t listen to granddad; 9mm is what Delta Force uses) this tiny striker-fired pistol packs an 11-round magazine into a frame that’s just four inches high.

With a tough polymer frame, Cerakote-finish slide, and a Glock-style trigger safety, it’s hard-wearing and always ready for action. Cost varies, but averages around $580.

Hornady RAPiD Night Guard

Your nightstand isn’t a safe place to keep a handgun. However, if you wake to the sound of breaking glass, you want the Hornady RAPiD Night Guard within arm’s reach. It may look like a digital alarm clock, and in fact, it is a digital alarm clock, but with a difference. Its heavy-duty steel case contains a padded drawer big enough to hold a full-size handgun.

It can be opened with a key, an access code or a super-fast RFID token. Just hold the token near the Night Guard, and the spring-loaded drawer slides noiselessly open, giving you instant access to your weapon. Costs run from $230 to $280 on average, depending on the exact model and features.

Sport Tactical 300 Electronic Hearing Protector

Shooting is fun, but it can be murder on the ears. Treat your favorite shooter to these advanced hearing protectors. Comfortable to wear, they let voices and normal sound levels through unimpeded – but instantly shut down the sound of a shot, giving a full 24db of protection.

Depending on the model and features (and sales), you might pay between $120 to $130. Lesser models may run as low as $72.50, but won’t be equivalent in quality.

Any shooter will appreciate these practical and well-designed gifts this holiday season. If well-cared for, they’ll each last a lifetime. Considering what’s facing our country, they’re also gifts that will help keep us all safer.

For more shooting enthusiast gift ideas, check out the Firearms News gift guide here.

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