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Source: Object Shot Down Was First Spotted ‘Over Alaska’

Anastasia Boushee
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The Biden administration did its best to tamp down security concerns related to an apparent Chinese spy balloon that traveled across the continental United States earlier this month, but a series of as-yet unexplained objects subsequently shot down in skies over the U.S. and Canada have put new pressure on the White House to provide details.

As the number of such missions increases on a nearly daily basis, it might be difficult to differentiate between the individual stories, but one of the latest wrinkles in the developing narrative involves a high-altitude vessel ostensibly shot down just off the coast of Alaska last week.


Subsequent reports cast doubt on the initial government statement, however, affirming that the object had already made its way into U.S. airspace before it was initially spotted. Fox News cited a “senior U.S. official” who confirmed that it was “over Alaska not far from the northern coast” when authorities first observed it late Thursday. 

Although National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby did confirm that the “high-altitude object” was spotted “over Alaska airspace,” he emphasized the fact that it was shot down “inside our territorial waters.”

As it turns out, the vessel — since described as potentially another Chinese spy balloon — appears to have traveled further into U.S. territory than the federal government initially acknowledged.

Regardless of the purpose or position of the targeted object, critics have expressed concern over the seemingly nonchalant attitude of U.S. officials in delivering updates to the public.

“This object, we’re told, was shot down hours ago and the White House decided not to say anything about it,” said Fox News contributor Joe Concha shortly after the announcement. “John Kirby, that’s the lead. You get up to that podium and that should be your first announcement; and you should be proactive in giving that information to the press and not wait for a question to be asked by a reporter.”


Along with another object shot down over Canada in recent days, authorities say that they believe the vessel spotted above Alaska was a “small metallic balloon with a tethered payload,” though there was no initial confirmation regarding its suspected origin or purpose.

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