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Trans Suspect Apprehended Prior To Attack On School 

Darian Douraghy
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An alleged hopeful school shooter was stopped in his tracks after police detained him before he could carry out a planned mass murder.

The New York Post reported that the teenager had his plan exposed after his mother informed the police following a “family decision.” 

According to the teen’s mother, the family decided together that he must be “held accountable for her actions.” The mother notably referred to her son as a female. 


The outlet detailed the accounts of officers who responded to the scene, allegedly finding what appeared to be holes punched in the walls beside the teenager’s bedroom, which had its door “off its hinges and lying beside the opening.”

A police officer claimed that Lily responded to a question about if he planned to commit a school shooting by nodding his head up and down in an affirmative motion. Law enforcement officials also reported that the teenager was sleeping in a room that contained so much trash that it reached the height of his bed. 

Arrest papers from the incident indicated that responding officials discovered a drawn layout of the school along with a manifesto containing “schizophrenic rants,” with notes about serial killers, politicians, and entertainers, including former President Donald Trump and the Columbine shooters.

The teenager’s first hearing is set for May 5, with a bond of $75,000.

This news comes after a deadly school shooting at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, where a 28-year-old trans attacker shot and killed three children along with three adults. Many have speculated that she committed the heinous act out of a hatred towards Christians; the manifesto of the shooter has remained hidden by law enforcement. 


Shortly after the shooting, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who has refused to label it as a hate crime, issued a proclamation praising so-called “LGBTQI+ kids” as “resilient,” and “fierce,” adding that “they fight back” and are “not going anywhere.”

A spokesperson from Colorado’s Academy District 20 issued a statement to Fox News on the aforementioned planned shooting, writing, “We are filled with gratitude for those who ‘saw something/heard something’ and spoke up.”

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