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Trump: Biden Family Benefits From Dual System Of Government

Chris Agee
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President Donald Trump indicated during a town hall-style event aired Thursday evening on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” show that the current President Joe Biden and his family enjoy protection from what he termed an “unfair,” “corrupt,” and “one-sided” justice system.

While discussing the questionable overseas business dealings found on a laptop owned by Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, Trump stated, “When you look at all of this criminality, the laptop has so much stuff on it. It’s so bad. It’s so evil. And yet, they don’t want to do anything.”

Hunter’s laptop, abandoned at a Delaware repair shop, became a contentious issue three weeks before the 2020 Presidential Election. News about the laptop’s discovery, and its alleged incriminating information, surfaced during the battle between Trump and Biden for the highest office in the land. But despite these revelations, the laptop had little impact on the election’s outcome, as the corporate media and compliant intelligence community leadership spiked the story.


Trump compared the treatment he received during his tenure, referring to the Justice Department’s investigation into alleged collusion between his 2016 presidential campaign and Russia. Trump said, “From the day I got in, I was under siege by people that had been in Washington for many years, put in there by different presidents. In most cases, people that were against me. They spied on my campaign, they did all sorts of things. I was under investigation and under siege and so were my people.”

Trump is certainly not alone in questioning the balance of our justice system. His claims about the dual system resonate with millions of Americans who believe in equality before the law. In their eyes, handling the Biden family’s business affairs, notably, Hunter Biden’s involvement with Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings, contrasts starkly with the scrutiny Trump endured during his time in office.

Hunter Biden had been under federal criminal investigation for his tax affairs, related to suspicious foreign transactions, since 2018, even preceding Trump’s first impeachment. The investigation, currently managed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Delaware, continues.

Addressing this disparity, Trump lamented, “You can’t have law and order in a country where you have such corruption.” His words underscore a rising sentiment among conservatives, who argue that justice should be served equally, irrespective of one’s political or familial ties.

Special Counsel John Durham’s recent report appears to support Trump’s argument. After a prolonged investigation, Durham found that the Department of Justice and FBI “failed to uphold their mission of strict fidelity to the law” during the Trump-Russia investigation.


As we look forward, these issues surrounding our justice system remain pertinent. The nation awaits the upcoming testimony of Durham before the House Judiciary Committee later this month. 

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