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Youngkin: China Using ‘Trojan Horse’ Strategy To Infiltrate US

Anastasia Boushee
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Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) is speaking out against communist China’s attempts to gain influence in the United States, arguing that they are trying to infiltrate the U.S. economic supply chain using “Trojan horse relationships like the one they have engineered with Ford Motor Company.”

Youngkin, who last month pulled his state out of the running for a new Ford motor plant due to the electric vehicle battery factory using technology made in China, made the comments during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“China has one goal, world domination, and to do it at the expense of the United States,” the Republican governor said. “They’re using every avenue possible from, yes, saber-rattling with their military to surveillance balloons and TikTok.”


Youngkin went on to note that his state is “standing up strong, including being sure that its farmland is not bought by the Chinese Communist Party.”

“We’ve got a bill now through on a bipartisan basis that I will sign that will keep China from buying our agricultural farmland, particularly next to our nationally strategic assets like the Pentagon and Quantico and the largest naval base in the world,” he added. “We’re going to keep these assets safe.”

While many U.S. investors are still fine with investing money in communist China, Youngkin said that his experience as a businessman — during which he has sat across the table from Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders — has allowed him to understand “exactly what they’re doing.”

“They are using their economic coercion tactics in order to gain access to our supply chain, and that’s exactly what they did to General Motors back in 2016 when they demanded General Motors dump a Korean battery manufacturer,” the governor added. “Economic security for the United States is critical.”

Youngkin went on to accuse the Biden administration of permitting China’s advances — expressing hope that members of Congress, American CEOs and citizens understand that the “liberal agenda will stand up to China until it gets uncomfortable and the minute that it encroaches on their green agenda or their liberal agenda to take donations from China into our universities and other places, they will back down.”


He also accused the U.S. of turning a “blind eye” to China for years, noting that the consequences of that have been that China’s plan to dominate the minerals industry and the U.S. supply chain is underway.

“We stood up when they were trying to dominate the 5G supply chain and created trusted 5G capabilities,” Youngkin said. “We have to do the same thing in these other most important supply chains.”

The Virginia governor also condemned President Joe Biden’s continued refusal to visit the area in East Palestine, Ohio, where a train derailed on February 3, causing the release of toxic chemicals. Youngkin pointed out that Biden has already traveled to Ukraine and is planning a trip to Virginia, but has no intention of visiting the disaster area in East Palestine.

“He wants to talk about healthcare? Why can’t he go somewhere that people have real health concerns that are driving them to worry about not just the day-to-day impacts of this horrific train crash, but the long-term impacts with cancer threats?” the governor asked. “This is a moment for leaders to lead, and Joe Biden needs to lead here.”

Meanwhile, some have speculated that Youngkin may be a potential candidate in the 2024 presidential election, but the Virginia governor said during the Fox News interview that he is focused on his own state.

“We have got a big budget to negotiate, and one of the realities in Virginia is we’ve managed well,” Youngkin said. “My eyes right now are really on Virginia, and we’ve got a lot of good work to do here.”

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