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Freedom Press is a trusted and influential news platform for Americans seeking information they can rely on. We are an America-First, pro-free speech platform concerned with delivering accurate and important information to our readers.

We understand trust to be at the heart of the relationship between a news platform and its audience; so, we’ve devised a strict editorial process to maintain the highest standards in our reporting. And we rely on our readers to help us maintain that high standard. 

Our responsibility is to you, the American people. We want to hear from you with any feedback that you have. Reach out to us HERE.

Trustworthy news centered around truth and freedom of speech

Americans recognize the importance of honest journalism. And they have seen that many “trustworthy” sources of information have proven to be unreliable. This failure on the part of the mainstream media is why Freedom Press is such an important part of the national discussion today.

We’ll always go the extra mile in our pursuit of truth, uncovering the latest developments and the contextual background behind the stories of the day in the most accurate way possible. 

News for the people

Reporters on this platform are liberty-loving Americans who value transparency. Our team of researchers, writers and analysts cut through the spin and arm Freedom Press readers with the knowledge they need to understand what’s happening in the world.

Written by journalists held to high ethical and professional standards

Freedom Press is committed to the highest standards of ethical journalism. We always keep in mind that there is no Freedom Press without our readers. We value the confidence our audience places in us, and we will continue to work to earn it each day.

By the people

Involving our readers in the editorial process reinforces our allegiance to them. Our credibility stems from readers like you keeping us honest. To facilitate your participation, we’ve created a contact form to make it convenient for you to add value to this platform.

There’s just too much happening in the world for us to cover everything. But if there’s ever an important story that the mainstream media is missing or covering up, please share it with us and we’ll make sure it gets the attention it deserves. 

We’ve created an exclusive section on our website for articles inspired by Americans like you called “By The People,” where readers can contribute firsthand to the work of delivering the truth to the American people. 

Freedom Press is for the people and by the people. And we’re looking forward to your contributions as we push back against biased and false reporting in the media.