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AMA Suggests Taxpayers Fund $300K Trangender Uterus Surgeries

Graham Perdue
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The American Medical Association (AMA) is on the record suggesting that American taxpayers should fund uterus transplants for transgender “women.” This way, they may become pregnant and further identify as genuine, biological women.

In June, the powerful medical group noted that some clinicians believe there are no physiological barriers to rule out these transplants for trans patients.

Many have accused the AMA of taking an “activist position” on the issue. The group suggested that the biological inability of transgender women to bear children may trigger “psychological dissonance.” 


This, in turn, would jeopardize their physical and mental health.

Timothy F. Murphy and Kelsey Mumford wrote in the Journal of Ethics that trans women are denied the ability to bear children “as a class.” They further noted that this distinction “is an obstacle to full participation in the social goods attached to women’s identity.”

The cost of the surgeries to be borne by taxpayers ranges up to an estimated $300,000. As could be expected, many critics ridiculed the idea of forcing taxpayers to pay for biological men being medically rewired to give birth. 

There have been successful uterus transplants after which the recipients gave birth, but these were accomplished with biological women. 


Critics such as Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marty Makarky argued that the AMA should shift from this activist position to supporting more important research. He said that would be the “regret rate” on transitioning surgery.

Makarky suggested that the “long term complication rate of hormones” also deserves a closer look. This is not likely, he explained, because activists have driven many from the field. 

He observed that “reasonable doctors and objective scientists have been run out of town.” Major institutions such as Mayo and Jefferson, Makraky reported, have terminated staff for merely suggesting that more research into the field is needed.

He acknowledged that a successful uterus transplant is “possible.” The fact that it is possible, however, does not automatically mean that it should be done. 

Some medical professionals and the AMA, Makarky maintained, now actively believe that people should be able to simply choose their gender regardless of physiology.

And as a part of this “choice,” the American taxpayer will be required to foot the bill.