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Andy Ngo Stands Up To Antifa In Virginia

Holland McKinnie
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Journalist Andy Ngo has again faced the relentless push of cancel culture as his address scheduled this week in Richmond, Virginia, saw multiple venue cancellations due to pressure and threats from Antifa. The event, organized by The Virginia Council and Common Sense Society, was planned to be held at the Commonwealth Club. However, relentless pressure from far-left activists forced a second venue to back out, highlighting the ongoing battle against free speech.

Ngo, renowned for uncovering the connections between Antifa and various riots, intended to bring light to critical issues surrounding public safety and freedom of speech. However, organized campaigns by Antifa-affiliated individuals aimed to suppress his message. They leveraged social media, coordinating to expose event locations and prompting venues to cancel due to “safety” concerns. Flyers branding Ngo as unwelcome, along with false accusations and mischaracterizations, further fueled the pressure.

The Commonwealth Club was the first to succumb, citing “safety” and “the current political climate.” The revered venue, representing a diverse membership, including leaders in business, politics, education, and society, opted out of supporting a message aligned with freedom, law, and prosperity. Following suit, The Westin Hotel in Richmond, owned by Marriott International, also backed out amid calls and pressure, showcasing the powerful reach of these radical campaigns.

However, the organizers remain undaunted. “Common Sense Society, The Virginia Council, and our guest Andy Ngo intend to be that beacon of light and hope. We will strengthen the many courageous yet weary Virginians who want to defend their freedoms, preserve their history, and advance prosperity in their home state,” said Marion Smith, the president of Common Sense Society, in a joint statement with The Virginia Council.

The statement also emphasized the desperate need for Virginians, particularly Richmonders, to hear messages of hope and resilience in the face of Antifa’s disruptive actions and disregard for public safety. It criticized the venues for cowering in fear, asserting that such cancellations underscore the critical need for free speech and the rule of law in Richmond. “We are confident that liberty, prosperity, and beauty will ultimately prevail in the Commonwealth,” the statement concludes.

The commitment of The Virginia Council and Common Sense Society to proceed despite opposition represents a stand against intimidation and bullying. John Reid, The Virginia Council’s founding chairman, affirmed that they were not intimidated in 2021 and will not be intimidated now. “Free speech, the rule of law, truth — these things will prevail over bullying, slander, and intimidation,” Reid said, echoing the spirit of resilience and the commitment to values worth standing up for.

This suppression attempt on Ngo comes after an Oregon judge ruled in his favor, directing three defendants to compensate him $300,000 for an assault by Rose City Antifa during a 2019 protest in Portland. Ngo’s courage in such environments emphasizes the importance of defending truth and free speech.