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Attorneys General Blast Biden For Endorsing ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban

Graham Perdue
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Sixteen Republican attorneys general called out President Joe Biden in a letter sent on Wednesday challenging his position on so-called “assault weapons” and other gun control initiatives.

The group described the Democrat’s plea to Congress to enact further anti-gun legislation “irresponsible and unconstitutional.”

The AGs specifically referenced the recent State of the Union address in which Biden claimed the presence of “assault weapons” in the country is “astonishing.” There are currently over 100 million semiautomatic handguns and 45 million semiautomatic rifles legally owned in the U.S.


The group, led by Montana AG Austin Knudsen, described the president’s faulty classification of these firearms as “assault weapons” a “misleading label.”

Further, they charged that the White House is simply trying to alarm Americans and turn law-abiding citizens into common criminals.

Knudsen wrote that “the right to keep and bear arms in self-defense guards and protects the right to life, the first and most fundamental God-given right recognized in the Declaration of Independence.” He called the government’s attempts at gun control “patently unconstitutional.”

The letter took Biden to task for referencing Monterey Park hero Brandon Tsay for wrestling down the gunman who killed 11 people after a Chinese New Year dance event.


Biden said that Tsay “saved lives. It’s time we do the same as well.” The letter called the mention of the hero “both cynical and self-defeating.”

The president has repeated his theme of “assault weapons” bans after several shootings, even when these legal firearms were not involved in the incidents. In January he claimed the weapons have “no redeeming value” and regurgitated his old argument that deer do not wear Kevlar vests.

The president also derided those who say the right to keep and bear arms is a bulwark against a tyrannical government. Biden said that citizens would need a lot more than AR-15s to tackle Washington. 

He suggested that patriots need F-15s instead. 

The attorneys general are correct to call out the administration for its self-serving bid to enact more gun control. Even as the Supreme Court has clearly ruled on the validity of Second Amendment protections, the White House continues to attempt to implement stricter gun control measures.