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Biden and Democratic Donors Appear To Ditch Georgia

Anastasia Boushee
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President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign and deep-pocketed Democratic donors appear to have thrown in the towel on the “swing state” of Georgia. Widely thought to be winnable by leftist pundits, most now see the state as solidly in former President Donald Trump’s pocket.

This word came from no less of a liberal mouthpiece than the New York Times.

The outlet noted that many of Georgia’s most prominent liberals “responsible for engineering President Biden’s victory in 2020 and that of two Democratic U.S. Senators in 2021 — are growing concerned that efforts and attention are waning four years later.” 


Hopeful Democrats believed that Georgia was firmly swinging their way, but that is currently fool’s gold. Yes, the Peach State is more competitive, but the state’s voters are clearly experiencing buyer’s remorse with Biden and his leftist cronies.

Democratic organizers report “a deep sense of apathy” from their base in Georgia.

This of course is likely due to fielding a deeply unpopular incumbent at the top of the ticket. That and the fact that Trump’s popularity has only increased as Democrats attempt to prosecute him out of the race for the White House.

Steve Phillips is a San Francisco liberal and strong supporter of two-time gubernatorial loser Stacey Abrams. He told the Times that many in the party’s hierarchy are omitting Georgia from the top tier of states to focus on in 2024.


He noted hearing from donors that Georgia is not high on the priority list. “If the donors are not hearing from the top campaign operatives that we can and should win in Georgia,” Phillips explained, “ then the donors are not going to be enthusiastic about it.”

The outlet reported that the Biden camp doesn’t even have infrastructure in place in Georgia for next year’s race.

Polls continue to show Trump with an insurmountable lead among likely Republican primary voters, but the trouble for Democrats runs deeper .

The 45th president also enjoys a strong advantage in Georgia as many who voted for Biden in 2020 have soured on their previous choice. He lost substantial backing among young and Black voters, key constituencies if he is to earn a second term.