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Biden’s Open Border Imperils More Americans Every Day

Graham Perdue
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As if any more proof was needed of the calamity that is President Joe Biden’s open border, along came Fox News’ Bill Melugin to demonstrate the peril to national security even more clearly.

He treated viewers this week to a video showing a disturbing scene from downtown Brownsville, Texas. Drug smugglers did not need the cover of night to slip their deadly wares into the U.S., they were successful in broad daylight just one block from the CBP port of entry.

People carrying large bags jumped the Brownsville wall and entered a car that was conveniently waiting for them on the U.S. side.


Of course, none of the overwhelming evidence was enough to sway a single Democrat to join House Republicans in impeaching Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

From the deadly fentanyl epidemic to the staggering number of crimes committed by those in the country illegally, what is enough to convince the president’s party that the border needs to be secured? Another horrific incident last week shattered a Texas family, and it was wholly preventable.

Alex Wise, Jr. was a 10-year-old boy simply walking home from school. But a black truck swerved around stopped vehicles and hit the youngster.

The boy was in critical condition when paramedics arrived. Alex was quickly flown to a panhandle hospital for more intensive treatment, but he died the following day.


The driver of the truck that hit the boy was identified as Rogelio Ortiz-Olivas, 50. He was later arrested when a police officer noticed a dent on his hood during a traffic stop.

Ortiz-Olivas faces a third-degree felony of hit and run, accident causing death, driver negligence and failure to stop and render aid. The Midland County Sheriff’s Office is holding the suspect on a $100,000 bond for, among other things, an immigration detainer.

That’s right. He should not have been in the country. Ortiz-Olivas was deported five previous times before successfully re-crossing the open southern border.

And now a young boy has lost his life. 

Midland Police Chief Seth Herman told journalists that the deluge of illegal migrants across Biden’s southern border is causing havoc. Crime is increasingly organized as “asylum seekers” from Central and South America flood the region.

But if one listens to the White House, they are told that the issue is due to Republicans being unwilling to sign off on a bill guaranteeing millions more migrants will pour into the nation.