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Blinken Seeks China’s Help In Addressing Russian Military Threat

Holland McKinnie
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Joe Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken is seeking the cooperation of China and India to deter Russia’s potential deployment of a nuclear space weapon.  

During a conference last weekend in Munich, Germany, Blinken engaged in discussions with his Chinese and Indian counterparts. The core of these talks revolved around the alarming possibility that Russia could orbit a nuclear weapon, directly threatening the stability of global communications and the safety of numerous satellites, including those belonging to China and India. 

The concerns about the threat to international peace are not merely speculative. The type of weapons believed to be in development would have catastrophic repercussions for global connectivity and security, affecting everything from emergency services to internet communications.


The specter of a nuclear weapon in space is a clear violation of a more than 50-year-old treaty designed to prevent the militarization of outer space. That agreement now hangs in the balance as technological advances are forcing the world to face the reality of space being an active war zone. The detonation of a nuclear weapon in space could disrupt global communications and scatter debris across low-earth orbit, endangering satellites and making navigation extremely difficult. The impact on the daily lives of untold millions would be incalculable.

Russia’s military activities, particularly since the onset of its invasion of Ukraine, have been marked by a concerning opacity and aggressiveness. The development and potential deployment of a space-based nuclear weapon by Russia is seen as a move to escalate its confrontation with the West, revealing the limitations of its conventional forces and underscoring its reliance on nuclear capabilities and cyber warfare as essential strategic tools.

The Biden administration’s response to this threat has been multifaceted, involving intense diplomatic efforts and intelligence sharing. The details of the Russian satellite tests and what are believed to be its new nuclear capabilities are highly classified. However, the State Department says it has deemed it necessary to share sufficient information with China and India in order to convey the gravity of the situation.

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