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California: Issued Driver’s Licenses To One Million Illegal Aliens

Holland McKinnie
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A new report indicates that more than a million illegal immigrants have been issued California state driver’s licenses since a new law was passed in the “sanctuary state” in 2015. CalMatters issued the analysis showing almost 40% of persons illegally residing in California have taken advantage of the law. Around 3.3 million illegal migrants now live in the Golden State, according to the report.

When the law became effective, almost 400,000 illegals immediately signed up for state driver’s licenses. The next saw around 337,000 apply, and since 2017 another half-million have applied under the law.

In addition, around 580,000 illegal alien residents have sought to renew their driver’s licenses since 2018.

Democrats and open-borders progressive advocates have made universal driver’s license eligibility for illegal aliens a top legislative priority nationwide. They see the initiative as vital since driving without a license is the most common criminal violation that can put an illegal alien into the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for deportation proceedings.

California’s “AB 60” driver’s license type is designated for “undocumented residents.” It grants them the privilege to drive on the state’s public roadways but has federal limitations.

As is often the case, California is a leader in progressive legislation, and 18 other states have enacted laws allowing illegal aliens to apply for driver’s licenses. Massachusetts passed a law granting the right to seek a license to its 85,000 illegal residents, despite years of opposition to the measure.

California further amended the law last September to make state ID cards available to any illegal aliens who do not drive. The backers of that measure said it would benefit the disabled and the elderly.


Opponents of the California law have said it comes with negligible economic benefits and high costs. In addition, they argue the law promotes and encourages illegal migration into the state and places further burdens on taxpayers to provide education, health care, and other public services.

Safety is arguably impacted due to low English literacy among illegal immigrants, making traffic signs and warnings unreadable for them.

ICE agents reportedly arrested over 17,500 illegal aliens nationwide over the last fiscal year after they were convicted in local courts for drunk driving offenses. In addition, ICE agents apprehended another 8,700 because they were charged with drunk driving in the fiscal year 2022.

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