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Carlson Hints At Political Motive In Train Crash Response

Chris Agee
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Nearly two weeks after a disastrous train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, released toxic chemicals into the environment, the Biden administration’s anemic reaction has drawn bipartisan opprobrium.

Not only has the mainstream media devoted a woefully insignificant amount of airtime to the story, but Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg appears to be more concerned about addressing supposed racial disparities in the construction industry than in offering assistance to communities impacted by a potentially devastating disaster.

For his part, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson offered a theory that the scant attention being paid to the issue might have something to do with East Palestine’s political proclivities. 


He noted that the town “is not a huge place” and had been a prominent producer of “dishes and cups and pitchers for America’s hotels” until jobs in that industry evaporated and left locals scrambling to find jobs that would provide a living wage.

“East Palestine is overwhelmingly white and politically conservative,” Carlson added. “More than 70% of the voters in the surrounding counties supported Donald Trump in the last election. That shouldn’t be relevant but as you’re about to hear, it very much is.” 

Going on to describe the train derailment as “an actual environmental disaster,” unlike climate change alarmism, explaining that the situation is getting more serious on a daily basis because authorities made the decision to set toxic chemicals ablaze instead of cleaning up the massive spill.

Meanwhile, Carlson added, Buttigieg is preoccupied with “something called ‘Transit Equity Day’ that’s yet another day that we celebrate race-based federal funding that despite the train derailment does not apply to East Palestine because the people that live there are the wrong color.”


He denounced the Transportation Department’s plan to spend more than $100 million on repairing roads in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Detroit, Michigan, which he pointed out are reliably Democratic cities.

As for the reaction to the East Palestine disaster, Carlson concluded: “Imagine if this had happened in well, the favored cities of Philadelphia and Detroit. Lots of poor people in those cities and everyone feels for them, everyone wants them to be safe. Imagine at the same time this had happened in Washington D.C., in, say Georgetown.” 

In such a scenario, he predicted that “the National Guard would be called in, there’d be no mushroom cloud of toxic chemicals on the horizon, we can promise you that, and of course, in both cases had this affected the rich or the favored poor, it would be the lead of every news channel in the world.”