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Carnival Cruise Ship Diverts Course to Save 25 Lives Off Mexican Coast

James King, MPA
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The Carnival Radiance cruise ship detoured from its normal vacation route on Saturday to answer a distress call from the U.S. Coast Guard, rescuing 25 people, including three children, who were stranded on a small boat off the coast of Ensenada, Mexico. The ship was sailing from its homeport in Long Beach, California, when it received the call for help.

The Coast Guard had been searching for the overdue boat since Thursday, launching a small boat and helicopter to assist in the rescue efforts. An Air Force C-130 successfully located the stranded vessel, prompting the Coast Guard to issue a call for immediate assistance.

Carnival Radiance’s crew quickly responded, welcoming all 25 stranded individuals aboard and providing them with essential care, including food, water, and medical assistance. The cruise line worked closely with Coast Guard officials to coordinate a rendezvous for the rescued boaters.


In an official statement, Carnival confirmed that the rescue operation was completed swiftly and that the ship’s three-day cruise would continue as scheduled, despite the brief detour. The cruise line’s prompt action and dedication to ensuring the safety of those in distress at sea exemplified their commitment to maritime rescue efforts.

The successful rescue mission highlights the importance of cooperation between cruise lines, military forces, and the Coast Guard in responding to emergencies at sea and saving lives in critical situations.