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Christian College Will Not Hire People ‘Who Endorse Critical Race Theory’

Anastasia Boushee
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The president of a prominent Christian college has announced that the university would not be hiring people who “endorse” the radical leftist ideology of Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Speaking with The College Fix, Southern Wesleyan University President Bill Barker discussed where his university stands on the issue of CRT — revealing that the school would not hire individuals who endorse CRT, and would even go so far as to fire those who teach it.


“I made it very clear where SWU stands on critical race theory, and we made it very clear in our hiring processes,” Barker told the outlet. “We’re not hiring people – and I’ve been clear since I came here and the Board of Trustees has supported this – who endorse critical race theory. We will have the courage to let faculty or staff go if they are teaching critical race theory.”

However, the university president did state that Southern Wesleyan University would be covering the topic in class — but would be including a biblical response.

“We want to teach what it is, we want to teach how it’s being used in society, why it’s being used in society, but we also want to teach a biblical and philosophical response and critique of it,” Barker said, according to the outlet.

Barker also noted that the school would host speakers with a diversity of opinions, while encouraging students to engage in the discussion and guiding them in a biblical fashion.

“We will hear from speakers who have different ideas and welcome students to engage in that discourse. But we will also guide students through that from a biblical and intellectually rigorous fashion,” he said.


“The Bible speaks to us being reconciled with one another across races, across languages, across experiences through Jesus,” the university president added. “When we come together without reconciliation through Christ, we may be at odds.”

Barker took the position as president of Southern Wesleyan University less than one year ago. The private Christian school is located in South Carolina.

Meanwhile, the backlash against Critical Race Theory continues across the country — with parents, students and even teachers demanding an end to the teaching of the divisive and racist left-wing ideology.

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