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CIA Officer Admits FBI Agents Attended Jan. 6 Protest

Graham Perdue
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A CIA contracting officer and former FBI official admitted to an undercover journalist that bureau agents were in the crowd in the Jan. 6 protest at the Capitol.

An undercover journalist with Sound Investigations secretly recorded Gavin O’Blennis, who described himself as a CIA contracting officer and former FBI official. The two discussed the Jan. 6 demonstration and the roles played by federal agents mingling with the people.

O’Blennis also went into detail of how the intelligence agencies use their vast power to cripple political opposition in the country.


The source’s LinkedIn page confirmed that he currently serves the Department of Homeland Security. He is listed as an immigration services analyst.

Before O’Blennis spoke of the numerous agents that infiltrated the gathering he placed blame on former President Donald Trump for instigating the “riot.” He then said that roughly 20 agents were present that day. 

He asserted there are always FBI agents “when there’s a big protest in D.C., just in case it gets out of hand like that. But O’Blennis said that there were not nearly enough federal personnel present “to turn the tide.” 

O’Blennis explained, “I’m talking we maybe had 20. You needed 1,000 to get rid of that crowd. Just to go through, to observe, to see what they can hear, you know that kind of thing.”


He said the FBI wanted to keep the presence of the agents a secret from the public, but he knows agents who were there. He said they now work for the CIA and that that the public “probably never will” know how the agency was present that January day.

His comments to the undercover Sound Investigations journalist flatly contradict the congressional testimony provided by FBI Director Christopher Wray.

The agency head claimed he was “not sure there were undercover agents on scene. When asked directly by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Wray added, “I do not believe that there were undercover agents on the scene.”

O’Blennis is also seen and heard on video discussing how intelligence officials act against people considered to be the political opposition.

He revealed, “You can kinda put anyone in jail if you know what to do…You set ‘em up. You create the situation where they have no choice but to act on their impulse, and once they act on that impulse, some would call that entrapment.”