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CNN’s Tapper: Haley’s Candidacy Exposes Left’s ‘Very Ugly Side’

Graham Perdue
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CNN anchor Jake Tapper threw shade on left-wing commentators during his Tuesday show “The Lead” over their shrill reactions to Nikki Haley’s announcement that she is running for president.

The former South Carolina governor’s bid for the White House was harshly and quite personally criticized by New York Times opinion writer Wajahat Ali. Tapper called him and others out for revealing a “very ugly side of the left.”

Haley is the daughter of Indian immigrant parents. 


Democrats are well documented to cater to ethnic and racial minorities as long as the party has their undivided loyalty.

However, there are numerous recent examples of minorities exercising their freedom of thought and expression and finding that their values align more with the Republican Party. At that point, they are targeted for destruction.

Take the comments of Ali, who is also a playwright. He charged that Haley “uses her brown skin as a weapon against poor Black folks and poor Brown folks, and she uses her brown skin to launder White supremacist talking points.”

He further declared that whatever she does, “it will never be enough” and “they’ll never love her.” 

Haley, like every other Republican or Democrat who runs for president, deserves to be judged on the merits of her beliefs and actions. Leftists show their true and familiar colors by making her heritage an issue.