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Demonstrators Clash Over School Board’s LGBT Agenda

Chris Agee
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While parents and conservative officials nationwide have been fighting against the introduction of explicit LGBT material in public schools for some time, the arrival of this year’s “Pride Month” gave critics even more to oppose.

During a recent school board meeting in Glendale, California, a large group of demonstrators on both sides showed up to express their opinions — and at least a few of them began engaging in physical altercations.

According to reports, administrators were set to vote on issues including a resolution proclaiming “LGBTQ+ Pride” in the district, which angered many of the protesters gathered outside. Many described such an emphasis on sexuality and gender as an effort to indoctrinate students with far-left propaganda, and several of the demonstrators donned T-shirts declaring: “Leave Our Kids Alone.”


On the other side, pro-LGBT activists disparaged their counterparts as “racists,” “sexists” and “anti-gay” bigots motivated by hate.

“Christian fascists go away,” the crowd chanted.

Although dozens of law enforcement officers were on hand in an attempt to prevent clashes between the two factions, a statement from the Glendale Police Department confirmed that “a small group of individuals engaged in behavior deemed unsafe and a risk to public safety.”

Even after placing a barricade between the warring groups of protesters, some of the most virulent on both sides reportedly broke through the obstacle. Finally, authorities called an end to the entire demonstration, asserting that anyone who remained on the premises thereafter would be guilty of participating in an unlawful assembly. 

At least three individuals were arrested on charges including unlawful use of pepper spray and obstructing police. 


In the end, a small group of troublemakers appeared to have prevented others — including local parent Torosyan — from making their voices heard.

“Bringing in curriculum for K-6 on gender ideology, that is what we’re against,” Torosyan said, insisting that the money spent on promoting LGBT causes should be used to improve education in the district’s schools.

An organization called GUSD Parents Voices spoke out in support of those who demonstrated against the district’s mandatory LGBT lessons.

“Proud of our parents who stood our ground,” the group declared. “We will never allow indoctrination of our children.”