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Denver Mom Recovers Stolen Car Amid Police Shortage

Holland McKinnie
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In Denver, a determined mother, Holly Kaufman, faced the stark reality of a thinly stretched police force Monday afternoon when her red Mazda SUV was stolen. Equipped only with her car’s tracking app, Kaufman found herself in a position where waiting for police assistance wasn’t an option. The vehicle tracker, a feature of her Mazda’s mobile app, pinpointed her car’s location and allowed her to shut off the engine and activate the emergency alarms — a modern-day safeguard that proved invaluable.

Kaufman’s ordeal began when she reached out to the police, only to be told by the dispatcher that the force was stretched too thin to dispatch anyone to her aid immediately. The dispatcher also advised her against confronting the thief. Because of previous experience with car theft, Kaufman felt she had to act quickly. She told local reporters, “This is a car that I carry my 4-year-old son in, so I’m like, ‘This is not happening in my car.’” 

Her successful recovery of the vehicle at a Safeway parking lot within minutes of the theft is a testament to her resolve but also shines a light on a deeper issue. Inside the car, Kaufman found evidence of the thief’s brief possession — beer, a pipe, and receipts from Target where apparently stolen property was returned for cash. 


Even though police advise against acting to protect property, the Denver Police Department recognizes the system’s limitations when immediate assistance is not available. The department encourages residents to enroll their vehicles in the “DenverTrack” program, which uses integrated GPS devices to aid in the recovery of stolen vehicles.

The call for defunding the police, a controversial topic in recent years, has led to debates about the balance between reforming law enforcement and ensuring public safety. Kaufman’s experience underscores a critical point — when police cannot promptly respond, citizens may feel compelled to take matters into their own hands, potentially risking their safety. It’s time American citizens are provided the level of police protection from aggressive criminals they pay taxes for.

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