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Early Morning Break-In By Ex-Sanders Staffer Shakes Los Angeles Neighborhood

James King, MPA
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Early on October 25, a startling incident occurred in a quiet Los Angeles neighborhood when a former field organizer for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) presidential campaign — wearing only his underwear — burst through the door of a Jewish family’s home screaming violent threats.

The suspect, identified as Daniel Garcia, kicked in the door and began screaming, “Kill Jewish people and free Palestine,” as the family living there were in bed sleeping. It has also been reported that the man was yelling “Brown lives matter,” as well.

The owners of the house awoke to the screams, and Mendel Meyers leaped from his bed to push the intruder outside, yelling to his wife, “Bring me my gun.”


Meyers reportedly does not actually own a gun, but he was hoping that the threat would scare the invader away.

Garcia has been linked to several political figures through his social media activity. He was also a field organizer for the presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2019 and Tulsi Gabbard’s presidential campaign in 2020.

Social media erupted with users decrying the horrendous targeted attack against an innocent family sleeping in their beds.

The intruder was arrested and taken to court at the Van Nuys Courthouse, with his bail being set at $125,000.

 Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon commented on the troubling crime, asserting that such behavior would not be tolerated: “We unequivocally denounce the violent act committed against an innocent family in our community.”

Garcia is facing charges that include making criminal threats, trying to burglarize a home and vandalizing property, which combined could lead to over seven years in prison. He is also facing allegations of committing hate crimes.