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Ex-Russian General Advocates Nuclear Strike On US

Graham Perdue
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Retired Russian Gen. Yevgeny Buzhinsky issued a startling proclamation on State TV, stating that the nation’s new nuclear-capable Poseidon torpedoes should be launched on the United States.

Speaking on Russia 1, the country’s state television, Buzhinsky spoke with host Vladimir Solovyov about the updated weaponry. The anchor relayed that he would like to see the Poseidon in action and received a positive response from the retired general.

Buzhinsky replied, “We would like to, of course.”


The subject shifted to Western countries aiding Ukraine in its war with Russia, and the former military man said that it all could be stopped now. Bushinsky stated that it would be over “with Poseidon and a tsunami, a 300 or 500-meter wave.”

Solovyov responded, “and then Great Britain would be no more.”

It was then that Buzhinsky retorted, “Yes, Great Britain would definitely be no more, I’m talking about the United States.”

Solovyov then joked, “If [Rishi] Sunak is washed away, who will [Emmanuel] Macron have left to kiss?” The host was referring to the reportedly close relationship between the British prime minister and the French president.


The Poseidon project was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2018. Moscow media reported in January that the newest missiles were ready for deployment on the Belgorod nuclear submarine.

Experts in Russia as well as Washington believe Poseidon is capable of creating enormous radioactive ocean swells that could make coastal cities around the world unliveable.

The ex-military man suggested that, along with Poseidon, the Burevestnik missile should be deployed against Western powers. That despite the fact that the Burevestnik weapon is a year or two away from being ready for service.

Solovyov also mentioned the hypersonic nuclear-capable Sarmat missile, which is code-named “Satan 2.”

Russian state TV frequently welcomes guests with particular hawkish views of the current global situation. They are prone to making threats against Western supporters of Ukraine and insist that the military confrontation is a proxy war between the Kremlin and NATO.

The recent exchange on Russian state TV was revealed Tuesday in a tweet by Francis Scarr of BBC Monitoring. The reporter referred to the banter as “another totally normal evening” on the medium where guests romanticize nuclear destruction.