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FBI Gets Harsh Response To Request For Crime Reporting

Holland McKinnie
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The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently invited citizens to report on federal crimes. This initiative was met with a response that can be described as anything but enthusiastic. In a tweet, the agency invited individuals to step forward with a list of crimes that sounded more like the FBI’s version of reality than those on the books.

Under the guise of making the country safer, the FBI aimed for increased scrutiny of our everyday lives. Yet, it ended up showcasing its controversial past and present. One user astutely suggested that there is a domestic terrorist organization using the three-letter acronym “FBI.” Another reported an individual named Ray Epps, believed to be “responsible for damaging barriers” at the Capitol Building on January 6.

Given the historical backdrop and recent events, the response to the FBI’s call was foreseeable. The FBI’s D.C. Field Office, known for initiating troubling politically-biased investigations, has often been perceived as a place where civil rights are consistently compromised. This office oversaw the notorious investigations into the January 6 incidents, framing trespassers as insurrectionists. It spearheaded a dubious inquiry into an opposing presidential candidate using questionable evidence.

Adding to the controversy, the D.C. Field Office is also where allegations of the Biden family’s misconduct have gone ignored. Despite having what appears to be evidence of tax fraud, shakedowns and payoffs, no action was taken. Likewise, Hunter Biden’s controversial abandoned laptop was conveniently buried, with the bureau going so far as to facilitate media workshops, promoting the idea that the computer was merely a piece of “Russian disinformation.”

This biased approach extends beyond American borders. A recent GOP report revealed that the FBI acted as the intermediary between the Security Service of Ukraine and social media giants Meta, Google and Twitter. Requests were made to take down content that supposedly promoted Russian propaganda, violating the First Amendment rights of Americans in the process.

Conservative radio host Dana Loesch reported a case to the FBI about an individual who lied about his drug use and collaborated with the Chinese Communist Party without registering under FARA. Her sarcastic report shed light on how the bureau’s focus has become heavily skewed by political concerns.


The FBI’s attempt to encourage citizens to report crimes would have had a different outcome if the agency had been less politicized and more focused on upholding the rule of law, irrespective of political affiliations. If that had been the situation, the call might not have been seen as a veiled attempt to control the American populace but as a genuine effort to protect and serve.