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Former US Assistant Attorney General Claims Peter Navarro Is Political Prisoner

James King, MPA
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Jeff Clark former U.S. assistant attorney general civil division and senior fellow at the Center for Renewing America has claimed on X that former Trump adviser Peter Navarro is a political prisoner.

“He shouldn’t be being treated like this for a misdemeanor” Clark wrote.

Clark himself is facing sanctions including disbarment for his actions following the rigged 2020 election.


Navarro 74 began serving a four-month prison sentence on March 19 after a jury found him guilty of failing to respond to congressional subpoenas for documents and testimony in the U.S. House’s partisan investigation into the events at the US Capitol on January 6 2021.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has accused the Biden administration of holding Navarro as a political prisoner denying him access to his lawyer and refusing to allow anyone to interview him.

Gaetz said that after five weeks of trying he was directly informed by Colette S. Peters Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons that his request to interview Navarro would be denied because the prisoner is “too notorious” to be interviewed by a member of Congress.


“It is shameful what is being done to Peter Navarro based on a sham January 6 Committee and a sham indictment and a sham conviction that we ought to work to remediate immediately upon President Trump’s rightful and righteous return to office” Gaetz declared.