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Georgia Father Sentenced For Poisoning Baby’s Milk

Holland McKinnie
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In a shocking case highlighting the depths of evil that people may sink to, a Georgia man was sentenced to 50 years in prison for a heinous crime. He confessed to adding antifreeze to his 18-day-old baby girl’s feeding bottle, though later he claimed he did not do it.

Curtis Jack was convicted of first-degree cruelty to children and criminal attempt to commit murder.

The infant, named Madison, survived the poisoning attempt. 


Investigators with the South Fulton Police Department discovered that Jack engaged in a relationship with a coworker in 2020. She became pregnant, and the father pressured her to get an abortion.

She refused, and their daughter was born on September 24, 2020. The mother remained hospitalized, and authorities accused Jack of putting antifreeze into bottles of breastmilk he picked up from the baby’s mother on Oct. 1.

He then delivered the poisoned milk to the baby’s grandmother, who fed them to the baby girl. She became critically ill within hours and had to be hospitalized for emergency treatment. During this time she tested positive for ethylene glycol

The police said the father confessed to putting the antifreeze in the breast milk to avoid paying child support, though he later walked back on that admission. Investigators said they were confused by the case since the father had a good job that paid well.


He worked for Delta Airlines when he got his coworker pregnant.

South Fulton Police Sergeant Pserda Dickerson told Channel 2 that the case “hit home because it was an 18-day-old baby.” He said that the initial confession from Jack did not seal the case for the prosecution.

Dickerson explained, “It’s beyond getting a confession, we still have to prove someone committed the crime. You still have to prove that the person is guilty.”

That was accomplished as the jury found Jack guilty on all charges, including attempted murder. He was then sentenced to 50 years in prison, and 40 of those must be served behind bars.

Despite the dangerous and toxic effects of ingesting antifreeze, Baby Madison made a full recovery and is said to be doing well.