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Huckabee: Milei’s Election Signals Return To Small-Government Ideals

Chris Agee
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When voters in Argentina decided to elect self-styled “anarcho-capitalist” libertarian Javier Milei as the nation’s next president, the news caused a global ripple effect as fans and critics alike reacted to the potential ramifications.

He has already signaled his desire to dismantle the nation’s central bank and establish a U.S. dollar-based economy as a method of bringing down Argentina’s runaway inflation rate. Pro-life advocates are also enthusiastic about his stance against abortion and prior vow to put the matter of its legality up for a popular vote.

In America, a number of prominent pundits who oppose the influence of a “globalist” agenda within both the Democratic and Republican parties are beginning to see Milei’s victory as a sign that things can change within the U.S. political system.


Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, for example, recently sat down for a Newsmax TV interview and described the election outcome as evidence that a growing number of voters around the world are waking up to the fact that “common sense needs to get a lot more common than it has been in government.”

Citing Milei’s fiscally conservative platform in particular, Huckabee contrasted it with the prevailing opinion of many American politicians who “think that government spending is the way to prosperity.”

The two-time GOP presidential primary candidate noted that such thinking has “proven to be a disaster,” as have other notable policies endorsed by some candidates and elected officials across the ideological spectrum.

“You can’t have open borders,” he said. “You can’t destroy your own culture, language and everything about your country and somehow expect to survive and prosper. People are sick of it.”

Of course, critics of Milei’s international critics have taken to disparaging him as a far-right extremist, which Huckabee said is an unfair description.


“He’s simply a person who believes in personal liberty, and he believes that government ought to be more limited than the Argentine government has been — that’s a government that has bankrupted the people of that wonderful country,” he concluded.

Milei has also drawn comparisons — for better or worse — to former President Donald Trump. 

The two men are expected to meet soon, which Huckabee predicted “could be a boost” to their respective political ambitions.

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