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Hunter Biden Relying Heavily On ‘Sugar Brother’  

Holland McKinnie
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A notable character emerges from the wings in the unfolding drama of Hunter Biden’s many scandals. Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris, also known as the first son’s “sugar brother,” has risen to play a pivotal role in keeping Biden afloat.

Morris, a powerhouse lawyer and considerable Democratic donor whose client portfolio includes titans of the entertainment world like Chris Rock and Matthew McConaughey, is lending his wealth and wisdom to Hunter Biden. Morris ‘ involvement is undeniable from rendering financial support to advising him on legal matters. His aid even extended to providing a luxurious private jet for Biden to attend a recent child-support hearing in Arkansas.

Biden’s ride to the courthouse aboard this 2001 Dassault Falcon 50 luxury jet, worth $6 million, draws attention to the first son’s disputed claim of financial poverty. The New York Post reports that this round trip, tallying 7,326 miles, would have likely cost between $55,000 to $117,000, roughly equivalent to six months of Biden’s contested child-support payments.


Such extravagant spending raises eyebrows, especially as Biden claims he cannot afford his current $20,000 per month in child support obligations to his former mistress and the mother of his child, Lunden Alexis Roberts. While Hunter Biden argues for a reduction in payments due to a “substantial material change” in his financial situation, his lifestyle appears anything but austere.

Indeed, Roberts’ attorney Clint Lancaster is highly skeptical of Biden’s claim of financial distress, pointing out that for someone “living on meager means, Mr. Biden is living lavishly.” Lancaster is now prosecuting a motion for a court order compelling Biden to disclose the source of funding for his team of top-tier lawyers.

Beyond helping Hunter Biden maintain his posh lifestyle, Morris has also lent over $2 million to help settle the first son’s overdue taxes, currently under Justice Department investigation. Furthermore, Morris has taken an advisory role on legal, personal, and financial issues, serving as an ‘attorney and trusted adviser’ to the first son, according to Biden’s lawyer Chris Clark.

This legal counsel and financial support are invaluable as Biden continues to be the subject of federal investigations into his complex web of foreign business dealings and questionable finances. With an ongoing probe by the Justice Department and House Republicans, an outcome unfavorable to Biden could carry significant political ramifications for the current administration. 

It’s hard not to question the motivations behind Morris’ enthusiastic support for Biden, particularly considering his political donations. Last year alone, Morris contributed $100,000 to a political action committee backing Democrat Conor Lamb and $50,000 to the American Bridge 21st Century PAC, a group known for its opposition research against Republican politicians.