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Illegal Immigration From Africa, Asia Up Dramatically This Year

Chris Agee
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While concerns have mounted throughout the Biden administration over unchecked illegal immigration from Mexico and nations throughout Central and South America, new evidence shows that an increasing number of the undocumented migrants crossing the southern border are from other areas around the world.

Over the course of the 2023 fiscal year, roughly 214,000 individuals from elsewhere — particularly Africa and Asia — illegally entered the United States. That number is up dramatically from the 70,000 recorded during the prior fiscal year, which itself was a massive jump from the 2021 total of 19,000.

The trend is particularly troubling amid growing unrest across the United States and the uptick in terrorist suspects being allowed entry into nations throughout Europe. 


A Gallup survey conducted in 2017 revealed that two-thirds of respondents in more than a dozen European nations said that terrorism by non-residents had become a serious problem and a clear majority reported that immigration levels were too high. 

As some European Union leaders took action to limit the influx of migrants into their respective countries, it appears that many individuals, particularly from Muslim-majority regions of the world, are instead making their way to the U.S. southern border.

“The increase in migration from Asia and Africa is remarkable,” said Enrique Lucero, who leads the Mexican government’s migrant support effort in Tijuana. “These days, we are dealing with 120 nationalities and 60 different languages.”

Some of those who have made the journey from their home countries — often via so-called “donkey flights” into Latin America — say they figured out how to evade immigration laws using information readily available online.

“I followed the internet to learn how to get to America without a visa,” explained Mohamed Aweineny, who traveled from West Africa to Turkey to Columbia before arriving in the U.S.


Even some prominent Democrats have noted the spike in illegal arrivals of migrants from areas around the globe, but the Biden administration appears incapable or unwilling to take the steps necessary to thwart this threat to American sovereignty and homeland security.

One senior White House official reportedly said that the administration is “actively working” on addressing an issue that has allowed migrants from high-risk regions of the globe to enter the country.

Instead of advocating for increased border security and other policies that would cut down on illegal immigration in the first place, the source complained that the U.S. does not “have longstanding ties or agreements in place with many countries in order to facilitate quick removals.”