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Independent ‘Google Leaks’ Twitter Thread Reveals More Censorship

Holland McKinnie
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An independent journalist named KanekoaTheGreat took to Twitter on Monday to call on billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk to release source documents related to the unseen machinations of social media companies. KanekoaTheGreat’s account was previously banned but was restored by Musk himself. 

In a Twitter thread similar to the “Twitter Files” disclosures published in recent weeks, the journalist linked to a September substack where he claimed “Google Rigged The 2020 Election”, referring to a 2019 report by Project Veritas that claimed Google censored and suppressed conservative content.

KanekoaTheGreat argued that Google’s actions were significant as the company has a massive footprint on the internet, with an estimated 5.6 billion searches a day, accounting for 90% of searches conducted globally. The thread claims that Google is no longer an objective source of information but is actively censoring what we see and that our political beliefs and worldviews are tied to Google’s search results.

The Twitter thread also referenced a 2019 leak of 950 pages of Google’s internal documents that provided evidence of the company’s use of blacklists and machine learning algorithms to block and censor conservative voices.

Zachary Vorhies, the Google insider who leaked the documents, had claimed that he wanted to publish the information so that others could see the system that Google had built to control the information landscape.

KanekoaTheGreat also highlighted key players in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign who were from Google and that the company had provided her with a campaign plan a full year before she announced her run for president. The thread also showed clips of Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin and chief legal officer Kent Walker at a company meeting discussing their views on the 2016 presidential election.

The report also claimed that Google blacklisted conservative websites and silenced topics considered taboo from appearing in search results, like “Las Vegas Shooter,” “Heritage Foundation” and “Pro-life.” 


The journalist claimed that Google’s actions might have cost Republican candidates at least $2 billion in donations. That resulted because the platform considered more than 75% of GOP fundraising emails as spam, compared to only around 10% of Democratic fundraising emails.

The thread concluded with a post calling on Musk to release the source documents related to blacklists and machine-learning algorithms that are used to shut down Americans’ free speech.