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Jan. 6 First Responder: Pipe Bomb Narrative ‘Makes No Sense’

Graham Perdue
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In an explosive new report, Republican National Committee Director of Security Kenneth Capolino poured cold water on the federal narrative of the Jan. 6 pipe bomb incident. He said the discovery and official response “make no sense whatsoever.”

Speaking exclusively with The Daily Wire, Capolino cast doubt on the prevailing story.

He is the former Capitol Police officer who personally informed the agency of the bomb near the NRC and oversaw the emergency response. Capolino told the outlet that the device looked like the basic model used during law enforcement training.


In his first public remarks on the incident, Capolino explained, “Any of the IED awareness training I’ve been to with law enforcement, that’s like the quintessential training device.”

The former officer added, “That’s exactly what it looks like.”

Pipe bombs were found on Jan. 6 outside both the Republican and Democratic national headquarters in Washington. And while the left is determined to prosecute anyone who happened to walk by the Capitol that day, this investigation has gone stone cold.

The Daily Wire observed that Democrats generally avoid any mention of the discovery of pipe bombs in Washington on Jan. 6. The FBI has made no progress in identifying whoever planted them despite thousands of hours of video surveillance footage readily available.


Capolino told the outlet that authorities would be able to identify the device quickly when it was found. 

The pipe bomb was located just minutes before demonstrators entered the Capitol and was rigged with a 60-minute egg timer. The former officer questioned why someone would place the pipe bomb there at 8:30 p.m. the night before equipped with a one-hour timer.

Did they somehow expect it to detonate 16 hours later?

The FBI in January said the agency exhausted thousands of man hours with a dedicated team of agents searching for whoever placed the pipe bombs near the Capitol.

There are images and a video of the suspect, and the agency implored the public to come forward with any information. 

A former agency official told the House Judiciary Committee last year that the search for a suspect was hampered by incomplete cell phone-pinging data. Steven D’Antuono, former assistant director for the Washington field office, reported it was “corrupted by one of the providers.”

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