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LA Resident Leads Charge For Arrest Over Viral Video Showing Abused Dog

James King, MPA
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A disturbing viral video showing a man throwing a puppy down three flights of stairs in a Koreatown apartment building has led to his arrest, thanks to the determined efforts of Los Angeles resident Dione Michael. The incident, captured on a Ring doorbell camera, has sparked widespread outrage and mobilized the community to demand justice.

The video, which quickly spread across social media, showed a man grabbing a whimpering puppy and hurling it down the stairs. Neighbors claimed the man had abused the dog multiple times, leaving them in fear of his actions. Despite initial attempts by police to address the situation, they left when the suspect did not respond to their knocking.

Dione Michael, moved by the footage posted by the Kris Kelly Foundation against animal abuse, decided to take action. She visited the apartment building, spoke with residents, and confronted the apartment manager. When she spotted a man matching the suspect’s description, she went live on the Kris Kelly Foundation’s social media page, urging others to pressure the LAPD for his arrest.


The community’s collective outcry led to the arrest of 27-year-old Joeboury Coleman, who was found in an alley near the apartments. Social media posts documented his arrest and the rescue of the dog. The LAPD reported that the seven-month-old puppy was severely malnourished and suffered a broken leg, requiring treatment and potential surgery.

Despite being booked for felony animal cruelty, Coleman was released on zero-dollar bail, as confirmed by LAPD Capt. Lillian Carranza. The incident underscores the power of community action in holding perpetrators accountable and advocating for animal welfare.

Michael emphasized the importance of collective action, stating, “If one person calls, nothing happens. When we all get together and make the noise loud, they at least have to start reacting!” She hailed the online community as an “army for animals,” dedicated to preventing abuse and ensuring justice.

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