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Laken Riley’s Accused Killer Was Freed From Detention

James King, MPA
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In a shocking betrayal of U.S. citizens by the Biden administration, new information reveals the illegal immigrant accused of killing Laken Riley was released from detention by Homeland Security officials due to a lack of space to keep him separated from the American public — a symptom of the same problem that led to Laken Riley’s death: mass immigration.

Jose Ibarra stands accused of murdering Laken Riley after illegally entering the United States and being welcomed by a government implementing a de facto open-borders policy against the wishes of the American people.

During a Senate hearing Thursday, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) disclosed important details from Ibarra’s confidential immigration file. The accused killer, who is charged with the Feb. 22 murder, was freed under the parole authority of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Based on the information Hawley shared from the file, Ibarra entered the U.S. on Sept. 8, 2022, and was promptly released on parole. In July of the following year, he reported to immigration authorities in New York and was fingerprinted, revealing a criminal history.

In September, Ibarra was arrested in New York for allegedly injuring a child, but the case was not prosecuted. In November, he applied for a work permit, which was approved in December, even though Homeland Security had records of his criminal involvement.

Hawley argued that a lack of detention space does not satisfy either of these criteria, asserting that Mayorkas had broken the law by releasing the suspected killer.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) addressed Mayorkas, asking, “How did the murderer of Laken Riley get into this country? And what is the statute that allowed you to do it?” adding, “How could you? And how could you sleep at night, you know, having done that?”


Hawley put Mayorkas in a corner, declaring, “He had a criminal record to start with, he’s in the country on illegal grounds, you have falsely and illegally allowed him in, he commits a crime against a child, it’s expunged,”

Despite acknowledging the shortage of ICE beds, Mayorkas has requested that Congress further reduce bed space in every budget he’s submitted from 2022 to 2024. Congress fortunately rejected these requests and even increased the number of beds.

Mayorkas’ latest budget proposal once again calls for a cut in detention space for migrants, highlighting the incomprehensible recklessness of the Biden administration in dealing with this crisis that could easily be mitigated or stopped if there was any will to do so.

Now, thanks to the results of these policy decisions, a young American has been senselessly robbed of her life and future as a direct result of those responsible for defending our borders.

As the immigration crisis continues to engulf the nation, the story of Laken Riley’s murder and the treatment of her invading killer by the U.S. government should tell Americans all they need to know about how safe they truly are as millions of foreign immigrants with questionable pasts and intentions continue to surge across our southern border virtually unchecked.