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Las Vegas Teens Charged In Horrific Beating Death

Graham Perdue
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Jonathan Lewis was beaten to death by a violent teenage mob near his Las Vegas high school in a savage incident caught on video. Now eight teens are under arrest and face murder charges for their roles in ending the young man’s life. 

Undersheriff Andrew Walsh of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said the investigation is far from over. Authorities look to identify more assailants from the group that stomped, kicked and punched Lewis to death. 

The horrifying incident occurred on Nov. 1 just a block east of Rancho High School after classes were dismissed. Those charged range in age from 13 to 17.


Lt. Jason Johansson is with the LVMPD homicide division. He described the mob violence as “very void of humanity” as the victim was helpless on the ground unable to defend himself.

When Lewis was found he was described as “battered and bleeding from the head.” He died from his injuries on Nov. 7.

The deadly confrontation apparently began over headphones and a vape pen stolen from Lewises’ friend. The 17-year-old reportedly stood up for his friend in the alley and paid the ultimate price.

Lewises’ father told reporters he has been unable to watch the now-viral video. 


Jonathan Lewis lives in Austin, Texas. He told NewsNation that his son was initially able to withstand the mob attack because he was so strong. “But then all the other kids joined in and beat him to death after that.” 

Johansson said a fight began with the victim and one subject. However, that’s when several others jumped into the fray and began pummeling the victim until he was bleeding and unconscious.

A citizen found Lewis unresponsive and brought him back to the school. He was taken to an area hospital where, according to Fox 5 Vegas, he was determined to have absorbed “non-survivable head trauma.”

Approximately ten individuals were identified by investigators in the video attack, and eight are now “positively identified.” Prosecutors want to try all eight teenagers accused in the attack as adults.

Johansson said the department strongly believes there is more video evidence to be found. He asked that parents communicate with their children and not “put your head in the sand.”