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Leftist Canadian Justice Minister’s Car Stolen For Third Time

Graham Perdue
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It is said that a liberal is just a conservative who has not been robbed yet. If that’s the case, look for a dramatic change in the politics of Canada’s extreme leftist Justice Minister Arif Virani after his car was stolen for the third time.

The irony was clearly not lost on Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, who on Friday pointed toward the Trudeau government’s notorious soft-on-crime leadership.

Poilievre noted the obvious while addressing a press conference after news broke on the latest crime victim. That victim, he observed, is a dear friend to many who choose to disobey the law.


The conservative replied to a question about the case, “Sorry, it’s just hard not to laugh at the irony of it…These car thieves have no gratitude. Here the justice minister is letting them out of jail for stealing cars. You’d think they would show him some courtesy in exchange.”

Instead, Poilievre lightheartedly observed, they just take turns stealing Virani’s car.

Describing the predicament as “unbelievable,” Poilievre made the obvious link to the explosion in car thefts and the Justin Trudeau administration. He said the situation was nonexistent before he assumed power “and it won’t be like this after he’s gone.” 

The national outbreak of car thefts brought several parties together at the House of Commons to discuss solutions. It was during this time that the startling news of Virani’s 2021 Toyota Highlander XLE being stolen twice and a previous vehicle once.


It was initially stolen a year ago before being recovered, and then swiped again in November. It was also located by authorities after the second theft.

A 2019 Toyota Highlander previously owned by the justice minister was also taken — and this one was never recovered. 

The leftist Verani is well documented for his controversial policies that avoid incarcerating criminals. These judicial patterns, according to conservative critics, led to an explosion in both theft and violent crime. 

Poilievre told his colleagues that the government that preceded Trudeau’s debacle cut car theft in half and violent crime by 25%. He said common sense policies did the trick, “they work, they’re proven, let’s bring it home.”