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Leftists Outraged After Justices Agree To Consider Trump Immunity

Graham Perdue
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Nothing spurs extremist anger quite like the prospect of a persecuted conservative getting a fair trial. Leftists are up in arms after the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday took the prudent course and agreed to hear former President Donald Trump’s arguments for immunity.

Justices said they would decide “whether and if so to what extent does a former president enjoy presidential immunity from criminal prosecution for conduct alleged to involve official acts during his tenure in office.”

A fair question that deserves high court scrutiny.


This of course did not sit well with Special Counsel Jack Smith. He asked the Supreme Court to reject any action that would delay the trial due to its “unique national importance.”

A trial that, not coincidentally, was set to get underway on March 4. The day before the pivotal Super Tuesday primaries. Instead, the high court will take up the case during the week of April 22 with a ruling expected by late June.

This sparked Democratic outrage as it removed the clear election interference intended by their allies in Washington. One of the ringleaders was MSNBC mouthpiece Chris Hayes.

He referred to the action as “a clear, unmistakable sign from the MAGA majority of the Trump-created court that they are with him. That they are going to use their power to make sure that he does not face trial in an election year for attempting to end American democracy.”


Another breathless diatribe came from Slate’s Mark Joseph Smith. Calling the decision “just plain terrifying,” he accused the high court of aiding and abetting “Trump’s efforts to run out the clock.”

The left has a habit of referring to any outcome it disagrees with as “terrifying.”

Noted persecutor Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) claimed Trump’s seeking of a fair judicial ruling is an attempt to delay justice. He claimed “there is no reason for them to hear this case. A president is not immune from prosecution when he violates the law to stay in power.”

One Democrat found reason to celebrate the high court’s decision to allow the former president to seek justice.

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) said the action could spur Democrats to flood the polls come November.

He optimistically claimed that delaying the trial may result in “the largest blue wave in history.” Lieu added, “If November becomes a referendum on whether Trump faces justice, then Democrats will absolutely flip the House, keep the White House and expand the Senate.”

Wishful thinking is alive and well in Washington. 

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