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Lime Scooters Enacts ‘No Go Zone’ Around Vandalized Pride Crosswalk 

James King, MPA
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Spokane Lime, the popular scooter rental company, has implemented a “no go zone” around a Pride crosswalk in Spokane, Washington, after the colorful pavement was allegedly vandalized by three teenagers on scooters. The decision comes in response to the arrests of Ruslan Turko, 19, and two minors, who were each charged with one count of first-degree malicious mischief, a Class B felony in the state.

The suspects were arrested in connection with what authorities are calling “widespread damage” to the Pride crosswalk, which had been repainted just hours before the incident following a separate act of vandalism in May when a group of people set fire to it. Lime’s “no go zone” was enacted on June 7, two days after the alleged scooter skid mark incident occurred.

Now, riders who enter the designated area will have their scooters gradually come to a stop, as detected by the vehicle’s onboard GPS. To resume their ride, users will be required to walk their scooter out of the “no go zone,” which is indicated by red shading and a restricted symbol on the Lime app’s map.


Hayden Harvey, Director of Government Relations at Lime, expressed the company’s condemnation of the “vile acts” and emphasized their commitment to ensuring that the “hateful few” do not spoil the joy of Pride Month in Spokane. The company remains grateful for those working to make the city more welcoming for all.