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Lindell Champions Election Integrity At Springfield Summit

Holland McKinnie
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Renowned MyPillow CEO and staunch advocate for election security Mike Lindell spearheaded a summit in Springfield, Missouri, this week emphasizing the importance of safeguarding America’s electoral process. A bastion for conservative thinkers and leaders, the conference drew attention to pressing matters concerning alleged election irregularities and the sincere dedication to ensuring that every legal vote counts.

Taking place at the University Plaza Hotel and Convention Center, the Election Crime Bureau Summit became a beacon for discussions around election security. Lindell, an unwavering supporter of President Donald Trump, remained at the forefront, holding the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the “Deep State” accountable. His passionate address centered on the urgency to “expose” the collusion of the “Uniparty, Deep State, CCP, and globalists.”

Lindell’s fervor remains undeterred despite criticism and skepticism from various media outlets and sectors. He’s always advocated for dialogue, once saying that the media and politicians attempting to stifle discussions on election irregularities essentially diminish free speech.

Prominent figures such as former Trump advisor Steve Bannon, Colorado election clerk and whistleblower Tina Peters, and journalist Emerald Robinson graced the summit. Their presence further highlighted the event’s significance in the conservative landscape.

The timing of the summit is especially crucial. Recent revelations from Michigan have drawn attention to an investigation involving over 8,000 potentially illegal ballots. These findings came to light despite Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s repeated refutations concerning credible evidence of election fraud. The summit’s discussions are even more pertinent in light of these revelations.

Mike Lindell’s passion for ensuring election integrity is not a recent endeavor. In December 2022, while contending for the Republican National Committee (RNC) chair, Lindell unequivocally stated to PJ Media that securing the elections should be the paramount focus for Republicans. “You have to fix that first, or you’re wasting your time,” he professed.


While many have derided Lindell’s claims, they resonate with a considerable portion of the American populace. A Rasmussen poll from January indicated a majority preference among Republicans for Lindell as the RNC chair. Another poll in April revealed that 51% of all likely U.S. voters believe that cheating potentially influenced the 2020 election outcome.

This summit is not Lindell’s first foray into organizing events of this nature. He orchestrated a “Moment of Truth Summit” in Springfield last year. The latest summit has a budget of $3 million, boasting representation from all 50 states, underlining Lindell’s commitment to the cause. Furthermore, the event provided a global reach, offering live-streaming on with translation options in 90 languages, ensuring the message of election integrity resonates far and wide.

Lindell’s dedication to the cause is deeply personal. As he mentioned in emails to registered guests, “I wasn’t given this platform for personal gain. God gave me this platform for SUCH A TIME AS THIS!” Expressing his resilience and commitment, he emphasizes the need for every legal vote to be counted.