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Macron Floats Putting NATO Troops On Ground In Ukraine

Graham Perdue
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Leftist French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday beat the drums of war by suggesting that NATO forces may be sent into Ukraine to battle Russian troops.

This brash declaration led to a stern warning from Moscow. The Kremlin cautioned that Western troops entering the war zone will make “inevitable” the prospect of “a direct military conflict between NATO and Russia.”

Macron stoked the flames by claiming that deploying Western troops to Kyiv “could not be ruled out” and adding that “we must do whatever we can to obtain our objective.” This assertion came during an emergency meeting on the Ukraine war in Paris called by Macron.


There was widespread speculation following his statements that they signaled a new direction for NATO. However, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg issued a denial Tuesday morning that the alliance was indeed preparing to put boots on the ground in Ukraine.

Macron acknowledged the lack of consensus for direct warfare with Moscow but noted the seismic changes in European policy in the last two years.

The French president observed his allies moved from providing “sleeping bags and helmets” to battle tanks and cruise missiles. He said NATO is taking steps toward delivering advanced fighter jets to Ukraine this year. 

The sometimes contentious meeting was attended by the top American diplomat for Europe, James O’Brien. Also present were U.K. Foreign Secretary David Cameron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Polish President Andrzej Duda.


Poland’s president said later that the issue of troops in Ukraine was the most controversial. Duda revealed there was no consensus reached and “opinions differ.”

He added that he wants the leaders to soon be able to “prepare substantial shipments of ammunition to Ukraine. This is most important now. This is something that Ukraine really needs.”

Macron told the assembled leaders that NATO’s “collective security” is at stake when the alliance continues to support Kyiv against Russia. He said Kremlin forces are “getting tougher.”

The French president warned that Putin potentially has designs on Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. All are staunch supporters of Ukraine’s fight against the Kremlin. 

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy echoed this sentiment in a video message to the gathering. He said the countries must ensure that the invasion is not expanded to “other nations.” 

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