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Mayor Adams’ No-Bid Migrant Contracts Slammed Over Waste

Graham Perdue
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A just-released audit revealed Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ flurry of no-bid contracts to deal with the illegal migrant crisis are ripping off city taxpayers to the tune of millions of dollars.

The report showed that the agreements, reached under NYC’s emergency contracting program, permit companies to charge “exorbitant rates” for basic services. Further, there is precious little oversight and almost no vetting of the firms awarded these no-bid prizes.

The report from city Comptroller Brad Lander’s office was released Tuesday. It charged NYC officials “allowed for-profit companies to take advantage of an emergency in its nascency.”

In dissecting four no-bid deals reached by the city, it discovered that supervisors and security staff at different shelters housing illegal migrants were paid “wildly different rates” for doing the exact same service for the city.

The audit found that specific providers charged hourly rates that were 237% and 146% higher than others. Upon comparing similar jobs, the audit found that security guards were paid anywhere from $50 to $90 per hour for identical work.

A substantial amount of taxpayer funds, according to the report, would have been saved simply by hiring new city employees to work at the shelters.

The alternative chosen by the Adams administration was “radically more expensive.”


But perhaps the embattled Democrat is hearing the outraged cries from his constituents. In the aftermath of the debit cards for illegals boondoggle, Adams announced an additional 10% cut in migrant spending.

That would bring the total slashed from New York City’s expenditures on asylum seekers to 30%.

The price tag for the city’s ill-advised sanctuary status in 2023 was $12.65 billion. But the mayor’s office pledged to trim that figure down to $10.6 billion in fiscal year 2025.

That would be much easier to achieve without expensive no-bid contracts taking millions from the city’s coffers. But Adams defended the expensive debit card agreement by boasting that the deal went to a “minority-owned business.”

As if this mattered to the average taxpayer.

Meanwhile the crisis continues. An estimated 170,000 illegal migrants have arrived in New York City since the spring of 2022, and more are being bused from Texas as Biden’s open border continues to welcome the invasion. 

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