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Media Blames ‘White Supremacy’ For Hispanic Shooter, Ignores Trans Shooter’s Motivation

Anastasia Boushee
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While the mainstream media avoided discussing the motivations of the transgender shooter who killed three children and three adults at a Nashville Christian school, they have jumped to calling a Hispanic man who murdered eight people a White supremacist.

There is a manifesto written by the Nashville transgender shooter that has been kept hidden from the public, and the media has defended the decision to keep the motivations of the shooter secret.

The manifesto still has not been released roughly six weeks after the shooting — but the supposed motivations of the Hispanic mass shooter at a mall in Allen, Texas, and posts supposedly written by him, have already been made public less than one day after the shooting.


Many critics of the mainstream media have pointed out that the left-wing activists masquerading as journalists have a tendency to avoid reporting on attacks that don’t fit the left-wing narrative, while amplifying stories that supposedly do fit their agenda.

As popular Twitter account “End Wokeness” pointed out in a recent tweet, nearly 18 months after a “Black supremacist mows down 62 white people at a Christmas parade,” there has still been no reporting on his motive. They go on to note that there has been no motive announced after a “Trans terrorist” attacked a “Christian school and writes a manifesto.”

Meanwhile, a “Hispanic male shoots up a mall and kills several white people 1 day later: White supremacy,” the tweet continued.

Somehow, the mainstream media has identified “White supremacy” as the motive behind the Texas shooting, which was committed by a man who was “phenotypically brown and ethnically Hispanic, and his parents had to request a translator to speak with federal agents,” according to reporting from The Federalist.

The outlet further notes that “the corporate press reported that, according to an unnamed source, law enforcement is investigating Garcia for ‘possible links to white supremacist ideology.’”

According to the New York Times, the motive for the Texas shooting was discovered because they found an openly racist account on a Russian social media site that “matches the gunman’s birthday and refers to a motel where he was staying before the shooting.”

While the media is fine with using an anonymous source to confusingly ascribe White supremacist motivations to a Hispanic man, they absolutely refused to consider that the Nashville transgender shooter was motivated by anti-Christian hate — despite evidence that lends credibility to that theory.

If a shooter attacks a gay bar, the media immediately says they were homophobic. If a shooter attacks Black people, they immediately say that they were racist. When a Hispanic man with fresh Nazi tattoos attacks random people at a mall, the media says that he was a White Supremacist. However, when a transgender person attacks Christians, the media says that the motive is unknown — or even tries to argue that the shooting was motivated by “anti-trans legislation” that somehow drove the transgender individual to kill three children and three adults in a Christian school.

“The shooter identified herself as a transgender person,” explained ABC News anchor Terry Moran. “The state of Tennessee earlier this month passed and the governor signed a bill that banned transgender medical care for minors as well as a law that prohibited adult entertainment as well as male and female impersonators after a series of drag show controversies in that state.”

The media barely expressed empathy for the victims of the shooting, pivoting to gun control arguments and even focusing on the supposed backlash that the transgender community might face.

“Fear pervades Tennessee’s trans community amid focus on Nashville shooter’s gender identity,” read a headline from NBC News.