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Mexican Train ‘Bursting’ With Illegal Aliens Headed To Southern Border

Anastasia Boushee
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A video has gone viral on social media allegedly showing a Mexican train “bursting” with dozens of illegal aliens headed to the southern border to cross into the United States.

Fox News national correspondent Griff Jenkins shared the shocking video in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Sunday afternoon.

In the video’s caption, Griff explained that the train was leaving Zacatecas, a Mexican state located in north-central Mexico and headed to the U.S.-Mexico border — “bursting” with illegal aliens “cheering.”


“FOX News sources capture a FerroMex train bursting with migrants out of Zacatecas heading to our southern border right now… cheering and clearly not heeding the message: ‘do not come,” he wrote.

The “do not come” line was in reference to a quote from Vice President Kamala Harris in 2021, where she told illegal aliens during a press conference in Guatemala with the country’s president: “I want to be clear to folks in this region who are thinking about making that dangerous trek to the United States-Mexico border. Do not come. Do not come. The United States will continue to enforce our laws and secure our border.”

President Joe Biden chose Harris to be the border czar back in March 2021, yet she has only visited the southern border once since then — and the border crisis has only been getting worse.

Meanwhile, the video of the migrants cheering on the train went viral on X — receiving half a million views in less than two hours and catching the attention of conservative critics of the Biden administration’s disastrous border policies.


“This is what an invasion looks like. Nothing about this is regular or lawful,” wrote Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ).

“This must be stopped immediately. The @SenateDems must take up @GOPHouseOfRep passed H.R. 2, impeach @SecMayorkas for allowing our country to be invaded and American lives lost, and stop ALL funding to these nations who allow our borders to be overrun. Call your Senators and tell them to pass H.R. 2 Secure The Border Act,” Rep. Cory Mills (R-FL) demanded.

“The Biden administration can keep putting out the messaging that the ‘border is closed,’ it’s clear migrants coming to the U.S. border don’t believe it,” NewsNation national correspondent Jorge Ventura wrote.