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Minnesota Conservative Think Tank Apparently Targeted In Firebombing

Graham Perdue
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Conservative organizations continue to be targeted by apparent leftist domestic terrorists, with the latest attacks unfolding in Minnesota.

The FBI is investigating the firebombing of two traditional organizations in late January. Authorities believe at least one individual broke into a Golden Valley office building and started two fires.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives along with the State Fire Marshal’s office and the Golden Valley Fire Department are also investigating the incidents. 


One was on the third floor at the offices of the Upper Midwest Law Center (UMLC). It is a conservative think tank that works within the legal system to defend against progressive radical initiatives such as “diversity, equity and inclusion” programs.

UMLC filed a high profile lawsuit against controversial Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison over a law attacking free speech rights involving election concerns.

UMLC Senior Counsel James Dickey said that the group’s employees will work remotely as a precaution while the investigation continues. He called the blaze a “deliberate act” but said it will not have its desired effect.

Dickey declared, “We will not be intimidated by this apparent act of domestic terrorism. Our resolve to uphold justice and protect the rights of Minnesotans remains unyielding.”


He said the center will carry on with its mission to support freedoms guaranteed to all. 

The other firebombing was between the first floor offices of the Center for the American Experiment and Take Charge. The latter is a group headed by Black women that seeks to counter racial myths promoted by the left.

John Hinderaker is president of the Center of the American Experiment. And while he readily admits to activities that antagonize liberal extremists, he is at a loss to explain exactly why his group was apparently attacked at this point.

Hinderaker told The Daily Wire that there was not “anything going on right at that moment of the preceding where you would say, ‘Uh huh. You know, that must be what it is.’”

However, he said it is obvious that the targets were conservative organizations. “They didn’t firebomb the chiropractors or psychologists or the Manufacturers Alliance.”